Transformation & Gratitude

“I loved being woken by the sound of faraway cattle, the coyote and the dawn sun glimpsing through canvas, rising to take photographs of the unimaginably beautiful sunrise and seeing my new family of neighbours rub their eyes, stretch, smile and do the same. It’s wonderful to feel part of a community, especially when you live in a fast-living city where work and technology eclipses old-fashioned human interaction. Something about the elements made us connect so much faster than you usually would. Combine that with excellent nutrition, frequent meditations, sharing our fears and creativity and you’ve got a lot of fulfilled, smiling faces excited to pounce back to their normal lives with a new realised joie de vivre.

An injection of humour and a shrugging off of things we cannot control – they no longer matter. I now think about the fragility of our existence and the power of the cosmos every day, and try to be thankful and peaceful in the face of our transience.

But it’s almost impossible to describe the magic of Restival, because everyone will be different: people and experiences are never the same.”