A Taste of Transformation

Roaming the Arizonian terrain, a chance encounter with the owners of The Ranch and the Leaders of the Star School found us welcomed onto the land and into the hearts of our Navajo friends some time ago. Open and wise, kind and calm. The ultimate Arizonan hospitality. Peacemaking talks from elders in the Hogan. Sidesplitting comedy performances by the campfire. Sweat lodge inductions with mother figures and lessons on astronomy from a Navajo advisor to NASA; without the sheer acumen and love of our Navajo friends, we wouldn’t learn or have nearly as much fun as we do at Restival. When we’re not crafting handmade tribal masks and jewellery, or contributing to giant collaborative murals about Mother Earth, Father Sky, we’re discussing the liveliness of the land over dinner and sharing life stories that can all be related back to the beginning of time. Back to whoever we are, wherever we’re from.