Restival ARIZONA


When asked to visualise a great journey you’ve never experienced before, it takes imaginative power and even then it turns out different to how you pictured. So really, words cannot capture the time you’ll have at Restival because it’s so special. Like happiness, calm, good health, success, becoming part of the Restival movement  is something you own and something unique. It’s a feeling, and we’d love you to feel it.

Words from Thomas Walker – a Navajo Elder:

“It was a rare experience to work with individuals, from other parts of the world who are seeking ways to unwind, relax and rejuvinate in the Arizona Desert.  It was a wonderful opportunity to engage with those people and be part of that effort.  My role was to get them to focus on a practical basic, primal level of consciousness”

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Navajo Artists Bahe Whitethorne describes his passion – Navajo art and the inspiration behind it.  He also tells of how Restival has re-invigorated his enthusiasm for his work. We cannot wait to see his next piece!

From the moment you arrive, you’re warmly welcomed by one of the Restival team who hands you a freshly made organic elixir and opens up a book containing a brilliant array of modern and traditional experiences all listed above.  Dive in, take the leap and transform your life beyond your wildest dreams….

The sacred art of Tipi construction.  All doors must face east, to see the sun rise.  In Navajo, Tipis represent the  masculine whilst Hogans represent the feminine.

We built five tipis, the wood is specially crafted in Utah, and a Navajo Tipi Maker installed them all.


“I loved being woken by the sound of faraway cattle, the coyote and the dawn sun glimpsing through canvas, rising to take photographs of the unimaginably beautiful sunrise and seeing my new family of neighbours rub their eyes, stretch, smile and do the same. It’s wonderful to feel part of a community, especially when you live in a fast-living city where work and technology eclipses old-fashioned human interaction. Something about the elements made us connect so much faster than you usually would.” Guest at Restival Arizona



Guests heading back to their Eco Lux comfort of their tents.



Restival returns to the Arizona Desert for its second year of transformational experiences and awesome connections with the Navajo people. Last year was an outstanding premiere – everyone had an incredible time, they returned home with a rejuvenated zest for life and a new group of friends. By the end of Restival, you knew everyone’s name and this year will be no exception.

This year includes more creative endeavours and once in a lifetime Navajo experiences including a trip to the local area with a Navajo Elder visiting secret places and sacred spaces to unlock stories from the beginning of time.

There will be lots of spaces to chill out such as a newly built hub, a perfect place to chill out, and a chance to get to know your fellow camp mates and come together for community dinners.

The accommodation in full eco-lux splendour, with excellent facilities, washrooms, bedding, lighting and a turn down service every night. An eco-luxe hotel in the desert, with miles and miles of uninterrupted views – one of the world’s most beautiful vistas in pure silence.

2017 is the year of the big switch off, we need a Restival more than ever, and it will be a pleasure to serve you – your comfort and wellbeing are our concern. Just hand yourselves over to the Restival team, we’ll take care of you.

Tickets start at £1,500 and all prices quoted are per person, fully inclusive and quoted in GBP with a USD price quoted in the other section, we are working to an exchange rate of 1.24.

If you wish,  you can pay in instalments, we will try to work something out with you.

The Navajo people are fully rewarded for all their assistance and commitment to Restival, we are truly grateful for their help.


Where is the camp located?

We are about 40 minutes drive from Flagstaff. You can fly from LAX to PHX then onto Flagstaff Airport or drive from LAX. There are numerous ways to reach us. We can help if you need it.

Are the tipis mixed?

No, it’s men for men and women for women, to protect your privacy. We want to hold the space as safely as possible.

What should I bring to wear?

In the evenings, the weather gets a little cold so bring a warm jacket and hat. In the daytime it can get quite warm, so bring some looser clothing.  Also bring sturdy walking boots as the land in the desert is dusty. Don’t forget the sunblock.

We will send a packing list in due course.

Is it completely digitally free?

We have internet and a phone line for emergencies, but people tend not to use their phones as they’ve come to switch off. The internet doesn’t work on camp.

Are the Spa Treatments included?

No, they are charged extra and we will be releasing a price list very soon. The practitioners are amazing.

Are the workshops included?

Yes, the majority of workshops, unless they are 1-2-1 coaching or medicine wheel workshops then everyone attends free of charge.

Is there a programme of events?

Yes, but we don’t release it until nearer the time. We want you to be open to whatever comes your way!

Do you have to be a yogi or meditator?

Not at all! We have people from all ages and every walks of life attending.

Do you have to be vegetarian?

We cater for everyone, vegan to carnivore and all dietary requriements in between.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, in the evening, we have wine and cocktails for sale.

What’s a typical day on camp?

7:30am Morning Yoga, Meditation and Gong bath

8:30am Breakfast

10:00am Morning workshops

1:00pm  LUNCH

2:30pm Afternoon Workshops

4:30pm Siesta

5:30pm Yoga, Gong or Sound Immersion in the Temple of Life

6:30pm Pre-dinner gathering

7:00pm Dinner

8:30pm Evening Entertainment

10:00pm Relax, hang out & bedtime.

Do I have to do everything that’s on the schedule?

No, you can do as little or as much as you like, it’s entirely up to you.

Please note:

On the last full day, we will take whomever wishes to go on a trip called “Sacred Spaces, Secret Places” with a Navajo Elder who’ll take us to the heart of Diné, and explain some amazing stories about Navajo life and the wisdom that comes from this wonderful land.  Unmissable.


More on our Navajo Friends:

Here is Jones Benally, world famous Navajo Medicine Man, Horseman and World Champion Navajo Hoop Dancer. Leads his generation of healers around the world performing music, hoola hooping and demonstrating horsemanship.  Noone knows exactly how old Jones is, they think around 90. He is an extraordinary human being and performed the hoop dance at Restival.



Here is Clayson Benally, son of Jones of the famous Navajo family performing the Eagle dance around the campfire one evening in honour of Navajo traditions.  It was captivating – a once in a lifetime moment.


David Begay, Navajo Astronomer who works for NASA talked around the campfire after dinner about Navajo Astronomy. “We are all from stardust” David said.  He also ironically indicated that NASA are now approaching him for advice about the stars, apparently the Navajo were right all along.

begay Guests were captivated by David’s knowledge of the cosmos.


Behold, the story of Nature, from the Navajo Way.  Our Navajo artists and every guest contributed to this work of art that will live on in the Arizona Desert for years to come. It tells of the birds, the bees, the trees, and how they all communicate with one another, in harmony, in beauty.





Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email