A letter for the solo traveller




The idea of Restival is to be at one with off-grid nature and tradition, to move away from being governed by fast-paced, city-centric lives. We encourage guests to explore and unwind in beautifully clean, unspoiled and stimulating environments, and find new perspective and energy from the ground in unusual places, whether in the heat of the Painted and Sahara Deserts or crispness of northernmost Swedish Lapland.

The beginning

I started it as an experiment for a solo vacationer that wasn’t centred around over-stuffed travel schedule, hedonism and/or being part of a couple of a “singles” group. A vast growing interest in anthropological spirituality and powerful communities also influenced my development of Restival. The power of being connected to what is true and most natural: our breathing, the earth resonated with me after years of disconnection.

What came to be, after months of study, site visits, meetings and preparations with people from all over the globe – large quantities of time spent with indigenous people learning from their traditions and livelihoods, was an independently-led boutique retreat that I have been told is truly a one-off.

I’ve curated our experiences in untouched spaces, where you won’t struggle to unplug and recharge. I focus on lands with less footprints in the sand, where you might come away with new stories, friends and an overall restored bodily and mental energy and outlook on life, amidst the beauty of quiet but dramatic landscapes. We also place Restival alongside unusual world-famous landmarks and artwork like the Roden Crater for both a historical and contemporary richly cultural adventure.


With utmost great respect and open minds we join forces with existing tribes of gurus and elders (such as the Navajo, the Sami and the Berber nomads) and acclaimed flown-in natural therapists and artists to create memorable physical, spiritual, anthropological experiences. Restival enables you to seek knowledge from ancient traditional wisdom that’s being kept alive with your help. Restival supports indigenous communities through dedicated education and inclusivity, trade, and sponsorship of local schools such as the STAR School in Arizona. As one Elder put it – “once we’ve lost the language, we’ve lost our heritage”. It’s our primary aim that we connect with others, help marginalised cultures, learn from them and use the lessons to reflect and change your life for the better. The cyclical reconnection of Restival is simple, spiritual, and entirely accessible to even the most skeptical of newcomers.

Your stay

All this, plus first-class accommodation that embraces the outdoors (tipis and bell tents with beds and cotton sheets), and daily pampering, relaxation and meditative spa and alternative medicine therapies, topped off with delicious organic produce to nourish you from dawn till dusk.  It’s a 5 Billion Star Hotel rather than a 5 Star Hotel.

Restival is a rapidly-expanding roving five-day movement that decamps at different awe-inspiring spots across the globe. Myself and the team invite all men and women from all walks of life to step outside of your usual routine to traverse new terrain. We’re excited that more and more solo Restivalers are coming away with us to the epic desert or vast wilderness of faraway places and embracing genuine self-discovery on the once-in-a-lifetime eco-luxe adventure that guests testify stay with you forever.

No longer do we  have to get high to get happy, we’ve provided a playground for you at Restival that helps you recalibrate, destress and find joy, and you don’t have to organise all your friends to come along, you don’t have to go on a singles holiday, you can just turn up and by the end of Restival you’ll know everyone’s name.


So, if you’re in a funk, or got that “is this as good as it gets?” feeling, I know it. So maybe, just maybe Restival is for you.   Join our movement today, reconnection guaranteed and you don’t need to bring anyone with you.


Restival – changing lives from the inside out.