Simbarashe Cha @lordashbury


Restival is very privileged to work with this gifted man.  This ex-New York street photographer captures people’s inward sensitivity in a snap second – not like Andy Warhol who made people sit in front of a film camera until they squirmed – Sim has already worked you out, he’s got the subject, the light the backdrop and, through his beautiful way of viewing the world, he shoots with the precision of an archer that “BAM” captures a moment in time. His combination of technical skills, light and capturing moments at exactly the right nano-second is remarkable.  He shoots all our Restival images on film, no mean feat when you’re working on a mountain side with a 40 MPH wind hitting you right in the kisser and it’s getting into the minuses with a shivering yoga teacher in a belly top perched on a rock preparing to do a downward dog getting a little impatient.  But you can’t get cross at Simbarashe, he’s got way too much charm and you know he’s doing his best, you can always tell because he purses his lips up and frowns at his camera, he’s like a surgeon, demanding medical instruments during surgery to a nurse “roll”, “film”, “pen”, “bag” “No give me that film back again” “OK” marches off to take the shot leaving you with a handful of films, rolls, pens and bags and scared stiff not to drop ANYTHING.  You never know if he’s got the shot, it’s on film you just have to hope and wait.  I’m not good at that, he knows that after about 2 days, I’ll email him asking in a round about way “How long?”.  “2 weeks” is my answer. That seems like years away, it’s usually about 3 weeks anyway but I forgive for what I get back takes my breath away. But I want to relive that moment now. Only Simbarashe’s photographs seem to truly evoke the memory, there’s something about the depth, the grain, the colour, the reality, the moment in time that will never be relived again.  Not with him and Kiki, photographing you on the top of a sand dune at sunset in the Sahara, that’s for sure.   Not only that he’s incredibly modest, so no doubt going “awwww” if he reads this.  Until the next moment in time your Lordship, Love, Caroline PS. See below for example.  There’s a spy in the camp……