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As featured on BBC Radio 4 from out own correspondent, Richard Hamilton, author of The Last Storytellers.

If you want to escape, if you prefer almond milk these days to an amaretto sour, if festival vibes still run (ok stroll) through your veins – then turn off, tune out and drop in on this alternative adventure.
Tatler Spa Guide 2016

If you are on your knees keeping up with modern life, head directly to Restival, the love child of a retreat and a festival, allows stressed out people to find space to recharge and reconnect whilst sharing cultural and creative experiences.
Town & Country Magazine

The retreat meets the festival in a new event this November known as Restival. Evenings around the campfire promise astronomy, traditional Touareg music and storytelling by the BBC Journalist Richard Hamilton, author of “The Last Storytellers”.
The New York Times

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