Restival Painting

Johnson Jyazzie’s gift to Restival. The Noble Native American

While the corporate vs peaceful Native American conflict in Dakota was ongoing this September, a small group of people from all over the world, including Navajo people, elders, medicine men, artists, etc, gathered together and created a peaceful forum for transformation and disconnection.  It was called Restival.  We slept in tipis, ate as a tribe would, got to know and love one another as if we were a family for six days. It was a gateway to transformation.  This painting, began by one of our the artists in residence, Johnson has just been finished. We called him Magic Johnson, because he’s so special.  He’s now finished it and has shared it with me today as his gift to Restival. A representation of the Native American and why we should keep their noble traditions alive.  Thank you Johnson, Restival loves you, dearly. We honour the Native Americans peaceful protest in Dakota and our mission is to help continue these unique traditions forever.