About Restival

Restival is a beacon of light filled positivity in a world that can sometimes feel negative and challenging.  Here’s how you get here….:


If you want to see what your body looks like tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.
(Navajo proverb)

You may be wondering what Restival is all about. It’s kind of about time travel, like how we used to live.  Allow us to guide your discovery of a lifetime.


Our mission at Restival Arizona is to respect and stay true to the Navajo way as we feel privileged to access a rare glimpse into ancient traditions. We are not spiritual tourists.  What sets Restival apart from any other Wellness Holiday is the complete package with a brilliant spa of expert practitioners from around the world and Navajo medicine people, artists, musicians, peacemakers, nutritionist and life coaches.  You’ll digital detox in our Arizona eco-lux desert camp and return home re-calibrated from a healthy adventure with a new set of friends.


Time travel is often aligned with ideas of investigation – more so, self-investigation to meet our anthropological curiosities. What did we used to do to pass the time? How do we look in the future? Technology hasn’t invented time travel yet. Funnily enough, you can do it without technology. Restival gently nudges you to step back in time and soak up invaluable Navajo wisdom in an age of fierce speed, noise and stress that’s taking a vast toll on our bodies and minds.


To make time for yourself and to disconnect from the humdrum of what we call ‘real life’ is a lovely sentiment, but as empowering and attractive it might sound, we too often excuse ourselves from doing so. Putting yourself in an entirely new context can help you unlock the impossible, and help you disconnect from stress inducers such as your smartphone and the rush hour long after Restival is over.


But we aren’t about the fluff. It’s just the clouds that are fluffy,. It’s not a digital detox that will be undone within two days of returning home. We want you to connect with the core human capabilities that make us truly happy, successful, complex, healthy beings and discover a hidden world. The most priceless souvenirs you’ll ever take home with you. Real, tangibile, useful tools. Restival is your ticket to stand still and listen to the earth… via a few Navajo helpers in a breathtakingly majestic, natural setting.


All we ask is that you arrive at Restival with an open mind and take in the surroundings – from the dramatic backdrops of the Mesas, Grand Falls and San Fran Peaks to the neighbouring volcanic-cinder-cone-turned-light-installation Roden Crater and sculptural masterpieces from acclaimed artists.


It’s true that you’ll make some self discoveries out in the desert. But you will also be pampered at Restival. Between delicious meals, spa treatments and deep sleep on cotton sheets in authentic tipis you’ll receive one-on-one meditative guidance from practitioners who apply centuries old philosophies to reset and recharge yourself: and however far up or down the spiritual spectrum you feel on arrival, the outcome is to extract what you need from the experiences.


The days spent on our wellness retreats are fun and relaxing with an international array of individuals from all walks of life who gather for five special days in the Painted Desert for a life-changing vitalization of self discovery. You’ll sweat in the sweat lodges. You’ll sing and dance at the cacao ceremonies. The cosmos will become your compass as you take astrology lessons from an eminent Navajo astrologer, and it’ll be more than just the organic locally-harvested produce you’re being nourished by. Here’s our Morocco adventure.

Finally, at the end of your stay, we invite the Navajo community to share their Full Moon Harvest Festival and Navajo Closing Ceremony – a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll never forget.


Restival Arizona is honored to work with the Navajo together with Kate and Mark Sorensen, founders of the STAR School (Service To All Relations).  The STAR School was established to educate Navajo children and to teach Navajo traditions, cultures, technology and the arts. It is the first off-the-grid, solar and wind-powered school in the United States.



Where is the camp located ?

The camp is approximately 20 minutes outside of Flagstaff. The nearest airports are Flagstaff, Phoenix and Las Vegas.Your safety and security are paramount to us and we have a team of experts on hand to ensure that you’re held in the comfort of Restival throughout your entire trip.
How do i get there ?

If you are driving you will be given the GPS, taking you direct to Camp located 20 minutes from Flagstaff.
If you are flying in from other States, or overseas, the nearest airports are Flagstaff, Phoenix and Las Vegas.
There will be pre-arranged airport transfers from Flagstaff airport, or you can hire a car and car pool with others. Restival will advise once you have made your booking.

Does Restival welcome solo travellers ?

Yes absolutely. Restival welcomes everyone. We’d be happy to put you in touch with your fellow travellers so you can journey together from Flagstaff, Las Vegas or Phoenix.

Do i need money in Arizona ?

Yes, you’ll need $US Dollars for the pop-up shop, wellness treatments, the bar in the evening and any other special one-on-one sessions.

What are the temperatures over there ?

  • Daytime temperature is 77- 86F (25-30ºC)
  • Evening temperature is 50 – 59F (10-15ºC)
You can choose to do as much or little as you like….nothing is prescribed at Restival.

How many people attend each Restival ?

We like Restival to be intimate so you can all connect, therefore we keep it small and exclusive. There’s plenty of space at the Camp to sit and relax, to partake in the many activities or to wander and just be.

The accommodation area is positioned away from the workshops and music campfires, and is located on an ancient Hopi settlement.

How much is the Restival experience ?

You can choose your own accommodation from a selection of individually made Navajo Tipis or bell tents sleeping couples, singles or twins. All the beds are super comfy and include real mattresses and fresh cotton linen.  Your comfort is our pleasure, you’ll be warm and cosy every night.

Luxury options are spacious and have additional extras. 

How do i book ?

To book your ticket or register your interest, simply complete your details in this form.

Prior to your trip you will be sent a detailed Welcome Pack covering everything you need to know including flight times from London, visa information, things to bring and what to expect.

For further information prior to booking a ticket, contact caroline@Restival.global.