Arizona Retreat: The Ultimate in Mindfulness


Restival, the lovechild of a retreat and festival, is held deep in nature in off-the-grid locations, around the world with indigenous tribes. We create experiences where people rest in comfort amongst nature with the people of the land and totally disconnect from technology. Restival stands for reconnection – to yourself, one another and the earth. Our upcoming Arizona Retreat in the fall can assist you in your quest for mindfulness.

Perhaps the most useful and widely accepted definition of stress (mainly attributed to Richard S. Lazarus) is this: “Stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that “demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.” In less formal terms, we feel stressed when we feel that things are out of control.

The Holmes and Rahe stress test was developed in 1967 by psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe (pronounced Ray) to gauge how life changes and events relate to stress-related illness over a 12 month period. It allows a participant to quantify the accumulated stress of their recent life and begin to acknowledge the difficulties of the year. Calculate your risk by adding up the numbers correlated to the stress inducing event:

  • If a person has less than 150 life change units they have a 30% chance of suffering from stress.
  • 150 – 299 life change units equates to a 50% chance of suffering from stress.
  • Over 300 life units means a person has an 80% chance of developing a stress related illness.

Stress Scale Test

In the past 12 months, which of these have happened to you?

Death of a spouse 100 Son or daughter leaving home 29
Divorce 73 Trouble with in-laws 29
Marital separation 65 Outstanding personal achievement 28
Jail term 63 Spouse begins or stops work 26
Death of close family member 63 Starting or stopping/finishing school 26
Personal injury or illness 53 Change in living conditions 25
Marriage 50 Revision of personal habits 24
Fired from work 47 Trouble with boss 23
Marital reconciliation 45 Change in working hours, conditions 20
Retirement 45 Change in residence 20
Change in family member’s health 44 Change in schools 20
Pregnancy (your own) 40 Change in recreational habits 19
Sex difficulties 39 Change in religious activities 19
Addition to immediate family 39 Change in social activities 18
Business readjustment 39 Mortgage or loan under $10,000 18
Change in financial status 38 Change in sleeping habits 16
Death of close friend 37 Change in number of family gatherings 15
Change to different line of work 36 Change in eating habits 15
Change in frequency of arguments*(significant interpersonal relationships) 35 Vacation 13
Mortgage or loan over $10,000 31 Holiday season 12
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 30 Minor violation of the law 11
Change in responsibilities at work 29

Were you surprised by the results? Often times we have no clue of the effect until the stress begins to manifest itself both mentally and physically.

Restival Arizona is held over five nights/six days, with a choice of two dates:

Thursday 8th September – Tuesday 13th September 2016


Friday 16th September – Wednesday 21st September 2016

If you’re looking for the ultimate refresher for body mind and soul, check out our upcoming Arizona retreat here. The experience is truly life-altering.